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Thank you for supporting me in my music, my square food, my cookware, and my podcast endeavours. If you want to support me further, there are some wonderful companies I stand behind.

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Use Coupon Code LAURENEB to get a discount on FlightFud (Makes you feel so good during travel – just add to your water and it will help against radiation, help with circulation, immunity, hydration, and so much more! Plus, it’s delicious)

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Use Coupon Code LAURENEB10 for 10% of all Stonz (smartly-designed kids wear…I mean, have you seen C in her rain suit?!)

Shop Force of Nature Cleaner (It’s as effective as bleach, but safe for everyone with only water, vinegar, and salt! I love using it on everything!!)

Use Coupon Code LAURENEB10 for 10% off So Elderberry Good in the USA only – sorry, Canadians! (and boost that immunity!)

Get $50 off the Tighten Your Tinkler Signature Program (especially postpartum) will coupon code LAUREN