Lauren Rodych-Eberle
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

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Fun Facts About Me!

  • If I’m only walking with one other person, I need to be on the left-hand side. I don’t know why…
  • When people say they “forgot to eat,” I don’t understand. I have literally never forgotten to eat…
  • At restaurants, I have to try a bite from everyone’s plate, even if you don’t know me well and think it’s completely inappropriate that I’m trying a bite of your food…
  • I have a strong aversion to people touching my face…at all…ever
  • I have NEVER drank a full cup of coffee in my life
  • My meditation pillow has been a total game changer in my life
  • My favourite author ever is Jodi Picoult. I could read her stuff over and over and over again
  • I love the smell of fresh-cut grass
  • I enjoy being an adult
  • I’m naturally an early riser, but also kind of a night owl, so I always wake up early (even if I go to bed way later than I should)
  • I love gross things like popping zits or watching cysts explode on YouTube. I often get a, “Lauren, can you not talk about that while I’m eating?” tossed at me
  • I appreciate the feeling of driving on a fresh-paved road
  • I always forget how old I am. I usually add an extra year to my life whenever people ask
  • I have a hard time saying “no.” Not because I’m afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings (okay, a little of that too…), but because I want to do EVERYTHING (and all at the same time). I’ve worked on this…
  • I’m blessed enough to have my dream job that I’ve wanted since kindergarten
  • Smiling is my favourite. There are few activities I can do without a smile on my face
  • I’m finally trying to learn to whistle
  • I am directionally-challenged. Please do me a favour…always tell me to turn left at the Walmart, and don’t start talking East/West to me
  • I have never had a burger from McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Burger King (although I’ve tried one bite of my husband’s Burger King burger…)
  • I used to not like chocolate, but now I like it as long as it’s dark, dark, dark. The more bitter, the better
  • I need lip chap on my lips in order to fall asleep
  • I cringe if you’re/your is used incorrectly. Gramma is my jam [except when I purposely spell things wrong for funnn…]
  • I’ve never had anything pierced…not even my ears
Fun Facts! - Lauren Rodych-Eberle