Lauren Rodych-Eberle
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

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Dr. Ashley

I haven’t experienced my child losing her baby teeth yet, so who better to have on to talk about this topic …

May 24, 2021

I am very excited to talk about hydroxyapatite today, as I personally have made the choice to completely remove fluoride from …

May 7, 2021

Dr. Ashley is back, and this time to talk soothers. Or pacifiers, rather. But before I let Dr. Ashley do the …

March 14, 2021

Dr. Ashley is our go-to over here for all things teeth, but she’s also a mama that loves to get creative …

February 25, 2021

Here is Dr. Ashley back with all things straw cups! There is a recommended order of cup introduction to help with …

January 20, 2021
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