Lauren Rodych-Eberle
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

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I am definitely a person that lives to eat. I plan my days, my visits with friends, and my travel, around food. Food is life! I grew up having an appreciate for food, and was in a household where my family encouraged me to cook and bake, without complaints about the mess it was making.

Big family meals were a group endeavour and the kitchen was the main spot in the house. I learned so much about food and cooking from my mom, and went on to become a Pampered Chef Consultant. What started as a side hustle and a way to make some extra cash and fill my future kitchen, turned into a true passion.

The Brownie Pan was one of the items that I fell in love with. I began creating my own recipes that I could prep; Prep for the week, prep for a party, prep for proper portion-sizes. These recipe creations turned into cookbooks! I am so grateful for the support I’ve received along the way, and the amount I’ve learned since that first cookbook was released in 2016. I enjoy food, but I also see it as the fuel we put into our bodies, and I want it to be as healthy and balanced as possible, while still being enjoyable and exciting!

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January 28, 2021

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January 4, 2021
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