About Miss Lauren's Music Studio

I grew up studying music, performing, competing, taking music exams, but more importantly, loving music. I was heavily involved in Musical Theatre, and I was also Royal Conservatory trained. I attended the University of Calgary, where I got my degree with a major in Music, studying theory, history, performance, and education. I have been teaching privately since 2009. Making music and teaching other’s music brings so much joy to my life!

Whether your goals are to sing to yourself in the shower, feel comfortable singing around your kids, get up on stage and perform on those ivory keys, or strum the ukulele around a campfire, I’m happy to guide you.

Voice, Piano, or Ukulele – you take your pick! Lessons are based out of Southeast Calgary and/or via Skype/FaceTime! I’ve had the pleasure of teaching students all over Canada, because of what technology has allowed, so location is no issue.

Preschool Music classes are available in the Summer months. Classes incorporate singing, dancing, playing instruments, and making musical crafts – all in order to teach children about beat, rhythm, dynamics, music notes, and more, while gaining an appreciation for the music in our lives. Unparented Preschool classes are for ages 3 to 5-years-old.

My wait list is currently full, but in the meantime, please look into my Preschool Music eCourse, and Beginner Piano eCourse – both available for a lifetime with purchase!