I’ve moved a time or two, or rather, two times a year in some cases…and what I actually really like about moving is how clean, decluttered, and organized my place becomes! I admit, I have always hired a moving company to do the physical hauling of the big items, so you won’t find any tips from me on that one…even though I can play a pretty mean Tetris for fitting everything into my car. But, I have sure found a moving rhythm! So, here are some of my top tips.


Think of the move as a reset button. Don’t waste your time/energy/money packing and moving stuff that you are never going to use again! Instead, divide every room into piles of keep/donate/throw-away/recycle. You’ll be so happy only moving the essential items and starting your new home fresh! When you’re moving, you are either lifting everything you need to move or you’re paying a moving company by weight for everything they need to move for you. So, the less that needs to be moved, the better. And what better time to declutter?

Use Up Cleaning Supplies & Food

Liquids and perishables will not be moved by moving companies, so leading up to your move date, try and use up all your cleaning supplies and food, or depending where you are moving, know that you will have to be in charge of those items.

Pack Baby Stuff Last & Unpack First

If you have a baby, pack the baby stuff last, and unload it first. For example, have the crib as the last thing packed in the old home and the first thing unpacked in the new home. That will make the transition easier for baby-cakes! Or do what I did on my last move, and simply baby-wear your munchkin constantly and set up the crib a week later…either one works (insert laughter here).

Use Post-It Notes

Use post-it notes. These can signify whatever you want, but I’ve used them to tell movers “do not take – this is staying behind!” or to notify us what is being packed in our cars. Colour-coordination for the win.

Label Boxes Where They Are Going

Label boxes. It’s so much easier to unpack when you’ve labelled “kitchen” “master bedroom” etc. That way, when all the boxes are unloaded into the new space, they can at least go into their appropriate rooms until they are unpacked for good! Those labels save a lot of time and energy.


Extremely valuable items, like your jewellery, watches, or anything that you’d be completely heart broken if it went missing or got wrecked, take them with you (not into storage or on the moving truck)! Don’t put that stuff in boxes…you just never know!

Good luck, and remember to breathe – you got this!