It’s been quite a few years since I’ve bought any of my siblings a Christmas gift. Once everyone had spouses and started having kids, it was a lot of extra people to buy for. So, we tried to get creative – we would do various gift exchanges and switch up the rules, like it had to be homemade, or something like that. But then, we found the perfect solution and have never looked back.

Christmas in July! (or June, or August…)

Here’s What We Do:

  • December 25th rolls around, and no one gets a gift, but it’s okay, y’all. It’s more about presence, than presents.
  • We pick a date that we can all get together in June/July/August – we plan it well in advance, get the babysitters, and anticipate the fun.
  • We pick a new restaurant that no one has been to, and we splurge – I mean, we really eat and drink the night away!
  • We potentially hit up another place for a cocktail, but even if not, we hit up a place for dessert (almost always ice cream).
  • High chance we end up back at someone’s house, and make more memories.

I look forward to this every single year. Not only does it take away any added stress in December, it has helped us schedule in time together, make so many memories, and because of it we’ve tried so many new restaurants, bars, and ice cream shops.

If you need to find a new way to celebrate with family or friends, I highly recommend!