Calgary…I could go on forever. It’s such a wonderful place – you can quickly head to the mountains, or you can spend time right in YYC! Here are some top suggestions of things to do, and most importantly, places to eat.




Great for the Kids

Adult Only

Now to the Food…

Avocado Salad



Quick Lunch


Mexican Cuisine

Asian Cuisine

  • Anju (Fusion)
  • Li-Ao (one of my favourite sushi places…get the mango roll)
  • Shokunin (sushi that legit melts in your mouth!)
  • Japanese Village Steakhouse (book for a group – dinner lasts only about 90-mins, but they entertain you with a cooking show right in front of you)
  • Open Sesame (great for big groups and build your own stir-fry)

Vegan/Vegetarian Cuisine

  • The Coup (vegetarian and vegan, and delicious)


  • Naina’s (stuffed Burgers & intense grilled cheese)


Farm to Table

  • River Café (in Prince’s Island Park, so lovely, and all seasonal food)
  • The Ranche (small portions, and very Western-feel)
  • Rouge (love the seasonal, local, farm-to-table style)

Casual Dining

Finer Dining

  • Elbow Room (really nice for a group to share)
  • Ten Foot Henry (sharing…one of my fav restaurants in Calgary)
  • Starbelly (in Auburn Bay, but with a downtown feel – get the lamb ribs)
  • The Nash (cool vibe, and fun drinks too)
  • Tango (good tapas, small-plate sharing-style)
  • Bridgette Bar (fun environment, and unique sharing…get the Rigatoni!)
  • The Lake House (worth it for the water setting alone!)
  • Broken Plate (the absolute best Greek)


  • Chairman’s Steakhouse (top steakhouse in Calgary, in our opinion, and it’s in Mahogany!)
  • Major Tom (40 floors up isn’t a bad place to watch a sunset and eat so much cheesy goodness, drink a cocktail, and don’t forget all the sharing options at this steak house!)

More Than Just Food

  • Alvin’s Jazz Club (the food is only part of the experience; catch a whole show at Alvin’s!)

Ice Cream

Happy exploring and eating in one of my favourite cities!!