I used to be the world’s worst sleeper, and I thought it was fine, because I was one of those people that could function off very little sleep. Eventually I realized, sleep is everything! Sleep is a life necessity…it makes you healthier and more productive. Coming to that realization, made me put more of an effort into creating a nightly routine and sleeping more!

But, when it’s hard to fall asleep, even after the routine, what then? I’ve heard of people using a method like this to fall asleep…pick a category and then name things from that category in alphabetical order. For example: Fruit…now go through the alphabet. A is for Apple. B is for Banana. C is for Camu Camu Berry. Etc.

Gratitude Alphabet:

I decided to take that concept and add gratitude to it. Every letter would be something I was grateful for – I tried to make a rule that I couldn’t use names, because that would be too easy…but do whatever you’d like. Truth is, I often don’t make it past H before I’m off in dream land. So, examples for this – A…Airplane arriving safely today. B…Being able to grow a baby in my belly. C…Carry-on luggage making travel quicker. Etc.

It sure is special to fall asleep with a grateful heart!

Sleep tight all you grateful dreamers!!