Coming up on my daughter’s 6-months, I knew I wanted to do baby-led weaning. Not only is it known to help raise a less-picky and intuitive eater, it just made sense to me from the standpoint that I could simply make for her what I was making for me (with some slight adjustments). I feel like babies often show interest in what the grown-ups are having anyway! So, here are some baby-led weaning resources that prepared us for our food journey!

BLW Book

This book is super simple and easy to follow – I liked it especially for it’s food visuals. It shows how to prepare foods size-wise, depending on each child’s age (focusing on palmar and pincer grasp).

BLW Podcast

Katie Ferraro has 7 children of her own and gives you all the food tips, in short episodes that are easy to digest (pun intended). You can listen to the whole thing or pick and choose depending on which episodes matter to you – food allergens, open cups, etc.

In the Kitchen

I went with the most inexpensive high chair there is. Kids sure spend a lot of time in their high chairs, so if you want to splurge more, definitely go for it. I went with the IKEA high chair, and then added a foot rest (important for core stability, to avoid choking). If you’re in Canada, I would highly recommend Little Bodhi Grey. In America, Yeah Baby Goods is a good resource for this. I received a fun tip from someone about adding a 3m Strip hook on the back of the high chair for easy bib storage!

Leading up to Collins’ 6-months, I put her in her high chair for two to three of my meals each day. I thought it was a good idea to get her used to sitting at the table with me, even if I was the only one eating. I gave her some silicone toys to chew on and even her spoon and cup to get her practising. Who knows if that concept makes a difference, but what I do know is she loves being at the table, and that alone is good by me!!

I also got a mat for underneath her high chair, for easy clean up after, and to make myself feel a little better about the 5-second rule! I chose one from Gathre.

I love the EZPZ set – it has a little bowl that sticks to the high chair, a 2-ounce cup that baby’s can drink out of on their now, and two mini spoons with a wide weighted handle (C instantly put these to her mouth in the correct direction!).

Another tip I learned from the BLW podcast (after my mama already had them anyhow!) – these Bapron Baby Bibs have arm holes that help them stay in place, they tie at the back, are easy to clean as they are waterproof, and are a perfect size. Also, who can resist their cute designs? They are available on Amazon (.com, not .ca), or through West Coast Kids, and Chapters has carried some too!

For cleaning the high chair, I love using my Force of Nature cleaner – it’s the equivalent of bleach, but non-toxic and made of only water, vinegar, and salt, so it’s safe for baby! And, you can make a new batch easy-peasy whenever you need.

Chef-ing for Your Littles

For the beginning of our food exploration, I set out a meal plan(ish) for the foods I wanted C to try, but for the most part, I will continue cooking the way I always do, and just change the shapes and sizes to make them appropriate for her. Your little can eat what you eat! But, if you’re worried, or just need more inspiration, there are many great Instagram follows. I also will have a BLW highlight on my Insta page, if you want to stop by!

Happy Baby-Led Weaning, y’all!