I went to a bridal shower, fell in love with this game, and then proceeded to completely steal it for the next shower I hosted. You need a groom who is willing to get involved and have fun with this.

What you gotta do:

  1. Come up with questions about the bride, or the bride and groom together.
  2. Send the questions over to the groom and get him to record short videos to answer each one (it’s extra fun if the groom can do this over an extended period of time, so they can be in different locations, and he can get creative with it). **Remind him to start each video with the question, so it’s easy for you to sort, and for the guests to understand**
  3. Get those videos organized, so you can play them at the shower on your Apple TV, or a laptop with speaker…or during these virtual times, online!
  4. Make a print out with all the questions and blanks for the answers (print them off, and have enough pens to go around)…or again, during these virtual times, email them over!
  5. Have the bride, and all the guests fill out their answers (Note: the bride’s answers will be the “right” answers in the end).
  6. When everyone is done filling it out, read question one, play the video for entertainment (and to make the bride’s heart melt), and then get the bride to read her answer! Anyone who answered with the bride’s answer gets a check mark! Proceed to do this with the rest of the questions.
  7. Whoever has the most answers right at the end is the winner, and maybe the host will have a nice little prize for them!

**If you need a tie breaker: Ask how many days the couple has been together for, and get the tie breaker competitors to write their guess on the back of their sheet. Figure out what the answer is ahead of time – the closest to the number is the winner!**

Here are some question ideas (I suggest choosing 10-15…you can also replace the word bride and groom with their actual names!):

Bride & Groom

1. What one word would the groom use to describe the bride? __________________

2.What one word would the bride use to describe the groom? __________________

3.Where was their first date? _______________________

4.Who was the first to say I love you? (circle) Bride / Groom

5.Who falls asleep first?(circle) Bride / Groom

6.Who is the best driver? (circle) Bride / Groom

7.Who is the better cook? (circle) Bride / Groom

8.What animal would the bride describe herself as? _____________________

9.Who does their dog/pet love more? (circle) Bride / Groom

10.If the bride could live in any city, which city would it be? ____________________

11.Who won their last fight? (circle) Bride / Groom

12.Who is the first to use a heart emoji in a text conversation? (circle) Bride / Groom

13.If the groom won the lottery, what is the first thing he would buy? _____________________

14.What is the bride most looking forward to about marriage? _________________________

15.What is the groom most looking forward to about marriage?_________________________

Hope the bride, the guests, and the host(s) all have a blast with this game!