This year has proven to be a year of stepping out of my comfort zone in so many ways. Trying new things, expanding my knowledge on others, and saying “yes” to things I would have never imagined. Hiking has been one of those areas where I have expanded my knowledge.

mountain lake, hiking for beginners

I had hiked many times before, but often very easy, busy trails, which were (and still are) great, but this year, I have challenged myself with longer, steeper, harder hikes. I even challenged myself with a scramble that tested my adrenaline and fear so much that I don’t ever need to do it again, but, it inspired me. You really don’t know where your limits lie!

hiking for beginners, mountain top

I am just a beginner on this hiking journey, so you may want to get advice from a true expert, or maybe you’ll want to come along this journey with me…

hiking for beginners, mountain top

Hiking really gives you all the endorphins…from burning those calories, to challenging yourself and pushing your body, to the great conversations you have with friends along the way. And if you’re in a great hiking area, like Calgary, why not take advantage of the beautiful nature we have right in front of us?

hiking for beginners, mountain face

Where I Began

#1: I committed to planning at least 1 hike a month with a friend of mine (who may I add, is a much more advanced hiker than me). This is a great thing, because you’re committed to a date, and you can share the workload of researching which hike you plan on doing (in my case, my friend really does it all…)

#2: We started “Easy,” as deemed by and worked our way up, figuring out what we liked and didn’t like, and of course, talking to other hikers along the route. It is always my favourite thing to talk to hikers at the top of those gorgeous mountains about their favourite adventures, so that I can add them to my personal hiking bucket list.

#3: I started with the essentials (good enough shoes, a backpack, water/food), and as time went on, I learned what I personally needed to invest my money in for hiking gear (Stay tuned – I’ll share everything you need in another post).

#4: We began! Cheering each other on, making new hiking friends, and pushing ourselves. And boy, can I tell you, it feels so good.

So, I challenge all of you to step out of your comfort zone, ask yourself where you want to begin, and hopefully my stories can help guide you a little along the way.

hiking for beginners, oceanside hike