Which one are you? I know you read that title and instantly knew.


I am a “yes” person. I want to say yes to everything! Someone asks me to do something, try something, take on something, and I instantly want to say “yes”, because I’m always up for a new adventure.

But, being a yes-person can have some downsides, like over-commitment, or what I’ve found to be the most important one, saying the wrong “yes”‘s. When you say yes, you often have to say no to something else, and many times, that “no” could be something that’s way more important to you.

So, over the last few years, I’ve vowed to be more of a “no” person. I realize where I need to say no, for my health, my family, my sanity, my time. And along with that, I’ve gained a lot more respect in hearing other people’s no’s. I’m impressed when someone knows they can’t take on one more thing, or they have another commitment, or they’ve prioritized something else in their life.


I talked about this once on Instagram, and I heard from a lot of the “no” people, that needed/wanted to do the opposite; they needed to work on saying “yes” more, because their first instinct to say no meant that they were missing out on fun, joy, and happiness. Their challenge to say “yes” to more sparked something in them – a new drive, or a fresh relationship!

So, in conclusion (not that I’m writing an essay or anything), there is no right way to be. Yes-people are great. No-people are great. But learning the yes and no’s we want to say for ourselves and our own happiness is so, so important.

I hope you take a second to think about which category defines you best!!