If you’re in the East, Vermont is a nice little escape to the mountains. Especially if you’re into Cross Country Skiing – the Trapp Family Lodge is something else – you may just feel like you’re in Austria!



Hotel Vermont was a wonderful place to stay! Nice, clean, good location, and they have cute events going on at night, like games night or live jazz musicians, etc.


If you can, try and book earlier and stay at one of the resorts, like the Trapp Family Lodge or Stowe Mountain Resort. That being said, it was nice to be in between the mountains and Main Street for all the food. We stayed at Grey Fox Inn and Resort, and although the renovations made the rooms nice, the walls were PAPER THIN!

  • Rent snowshoes (or pack your own) and cross country skis at the Trapp Family Lodge and go exploring! Snowshoe to the Bierhall for lunch and a drink (the path to the Bierhall is very downhill, so I only recommend cross country skiing there if you’re good on skis! You can also sign up for a cross country ski lesson, which I highly recommend!
  • Go for a tour of Ben & Jerry’s and sample some ice cream
  • Walk along Main Street for the shops and food
  • Do a mini hike, like Moss Glen Falls (super short, easy, and includes a waterfall)

Other activities that I didn’t get a chance to do, but were recommended and/or researched:

Now to the Food…

Restaurants Burlington

Restaurants Stowe

Other Restaurants that I didn’t get a chance to try, but were recommended and/or researched:

Hope you enjoy the mountains and then cozy up somewhere wonderful!