Believe it or not, one of the natural product questions I get asked the most is… “What’s your favourite natural bug spray?” “What bug spray do you use on your daughter?” “What spray do you use to keep ticks away?” I got you!!

Over on the Kids Who Explore Blog, I wrote all about keeping ticks away – check it out here. You can also listen to our podcast all about tick safety here!

Since living on Long Island, where the ticks run wild, I went through Tick Spray like none other. It was nice to find a tick spray that was natural, and I felt good about putting it on myself and my daughter almost daily as we went outside. So, my favourite spray is, 3 Moms Organics Tick Wise. Unfortunately, right now you can only get this shipped to locations in the United States. They are working on getting their product into Canada, so, stay tuned. TickWise works great for ticks, along with many other insects.

For shipping in Canada, here are some sprays you may want to consider checking out:

Good luck keeping those bugs away!!