Just like my trip to Boston, I only spent two nights in Philly, and one of the nights included seeing a hockey game, but I really feel like I got a good sense of the city and crossed a lot off my wish list! Of course, I could have stayed around a lot longer to finish all the restaurants that I had been recommended!


  • Go to the Museum of Art and run up the 72 stone steps made famous from Rocky – while you’re there, snap a picture with the Rocky statue
  • Wander around Fairmount Park Trails and see all the sculptures (by the Museum of Art)
  • Stand in line (it’s worth it, and also free) to see the Liberty Bell and then explore the surrounding area
  • Walk Independence Square
  • Go to the Old City
  • Walk around UPenn (and have people ask you if you’re thinking of attending school there)
  • Walk from Market Street to 4th Street (locals would say to walk south from 4th all the way to 19th)…do this area while you’re on your Philly Cheesesteak adventure
  • Hit up a hockey game seeing the Flyers play your favourite team

Other activities that I didn’t get a chance to do, but were recommended and/or researched:

Now to the Food…


  • Jim’s – Okay, from a person that may have not liked Philly Cheesesteak if it had Cheese Whiz on it, I can tell you that this was one of the highlights of my trip. Many locals recommended Jim’s. Advice: go there knowing your order, because they will yell towards you asking for your order when you’re almost at the back and you’ll wonder how they even remember what you asked for. My order was Cheesesteak with Provolone and Peppers (then afterwards, you can top with ketchup and hot sauce and salt and pepper and all that good stuff, if you want). Provolone is the way to go!! Boy, was this delicious. You may stand in line out the door, and you may not be able to get a table upstairs, but your taste buds will thank you [Afterword: Jim’s is currently closed due to a fire – they’re in the process of rebuilding, but there’s no target for re-opening]
  • The Bourse Hall – so many options for different cuisines here, so it’s a great option if you’re going with a group of people
  • Honeygrow – quick and healthy stir-fry and salads…you order from a computer, but it’s quite straight-forward and the ingredients taste oh-so-fresh
  • Sweet Green – This is always one of my fav salad bowl places in New York, and the same goes in Philly!
  • Del Friscos – a splurge dinner, but the atmosphere of the old bank is quite romantic, and they have Philly Cheesesteak Balls as an appetizer…just saying…

Other Restaurants that I didn’t get a chance to try, but were recommended and/or researched:

I hope you enjoy taking in all the history that Philadelphia has to offer, and do yourself a favour – get a cheesesteak!