I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV. This post is not medical advice. It is purely me sharing what we do in our house when we feel a tickle in our throat (like a cold coming on), or have a cold. I’ve shared what we do for fevers – magic socks!! The magic sock remedy is also great for congestion. But if you want to catch something in it’s tracks or help with a cough, these are our onion hacks. Onions are nature’s medicine – honestly!!

Onion Socks

So simple…slice up onions – any kind will do – white, yellow, red – take your pick! Then put them at the bottom of your socks and sleep with them over night. I prefer to use a thicker sock. Yes, you will smell like onions, and yes, your room will smell like soup, but you’ll be healthy, so who cares, right? I promise the smell fades very quickly!

The old wives’ tale is that onions love to collect germs, and I for one am going to choose to keep believing it, because it’s worked for us! So, fun fact, it’s best to use a whole onion once you’ve chopped it. If you don’t use the whole thing, just make sure it is well-sealed in your fridge. That being said, to use the rest of your onion, follow the next steps…

Bowls of Onions

Place a bowl of sliced onions beside your bed. [When I’m doing the onion socks, any of the onion that doesn’t fit in my socks, I put beside my bed.] This is also a great tip for kids who don’t want onions in their socks – you can place it beside their bed or under their bed. And, you can even pop bowls of onions around the house!! I know, I’m getting a little too crunchy on you… The good thing about all these onion tricks is that at worst, it will do no harm! At best, it will cure you!

Onion Cough Syrup

Now, what you’re all here for!! Nature’s Cough Syrup!


  1. Chop up onions [I tend to use yellow onions for this, but mostly just because that’s what I always have on hand!].
  2. In a glass jar or cup, line the bottom with onions.
  3. Top the onions with a layer of granulated sugar or coconut sugar. [You can also use honey, but don’t use honey for babies under 1 year of age!!]
  4. Continue layering onions and sugar (I don’t measure).
  5. Let it sit covered for a max of 12 hours. You’ll notice the sugar dissolves to make a liquid.
  6. Strain the excess onions and store cough syrup in fridge (it will last a few days).
  7. Serve 1 tsp. at a time.

Heal up, y’all!!