Hi Online Book Clubbers!

It makes me sad to say that I’ve had to remove all commenting from my website, as it was getting to be too much with having to monitor all the spam! Sad, sad. But, I still absolutely love hearing from you about you reading the book, enjoying the book, not enjoying the book, waiting on the next book…all of it! So, please, if you want to, still go comment or message me over on Instagram for all this Book Club fun!

Here are some questions to get the conversation started for the most recent book club selection – I hope you and/or your book club group enjoyed this hard read!


The Tattooist of Auschwitz, by Heather Morris

  1. What did you notice about Lale’s personality right from the moment he took his brother’s place and wore his best-dressed suit? How did his personality impact how he treated others and how he was treated in the camp?
  2. There were many questionable jobs given to inmates, such as “Nazi Girlfriend,” “Beat Them Up Until They Speak Bully,” “Tattooist” – in order to survive, these jobs had to be completed. Which one shocked you the most? What other thoughts do you have about these jobs and the fulfillment of them?
  3. Lale had many people that “saved” him along the way, from a friend mending him during his illness, to outsiders giving him additional food, to Gita’s friend having her “Nazi companion” remove him from his current place of work – who do you think was the most influential person in his survival and why?
  4. Lale and Gita’s love came under such unique and not-ideal circumstances. Do you think their situation brought them closer together? Did you suspect that they would find each other outside the camp?
  5. The fact that Lale knew multiple languages helped him obtain many jobs during his time as an inmate, and after. Do you think that was his “luckiest” quality?
  6. What did you learn about the Holocaust from reading this book?
  7. Do you wish the book was more historical or did you appreciate the more up-close human element to it?
  8. If this book is turned into a TV Series, would you watch it? Which medium would be your preference?
  9. What is your overall rating of the book out of 5 (.5’s can be given)?

There is something about a true story that gets me every time. Maybe because I sit there jaw agape wondering how humanity could have, and can ever be this way. How can humans treat other humans so inhumanely? And yet, alongside that, you see pure strength, true love, and complete determination. And also, sadly, a lot of luck…you know that in between the pages of the story, there are many, many more stories that were not able to be told…stories that did not have the same outcome, and to put it simply, it is just not fair. Lale did what he needed to do to survive and for the most part, helped many people along the way. His charm is felt throughout the entire book, and both Gita and his story takes you to the unimaginable, in a page-turner that I didn’t ever want to put down. I’m giving this book 5/5!! Yup, you heard me!

Thanks for joining in on Book Club #3! Stay tuned for #4 coming right up – another one with a tough subject matter, but this time with a comedic tone!