I’m back talking kid’s clothes!! Looking back on when I wrote about this topic last, my little C was legitimately little…where does time go? Anyhow, I do still love all of those brands I mentioned! Here are some more brands that I love supporting!

Bambi and Birdie

Bambi and Birdie has Canadian-made bamboo clothes that are oh-so cute and oh-so comfy!

Little and Lively

Little and Lively is ethically-made Canadian clothing, that has stunning and calm colours, and they wash so well! You can also find lots of their goodies on Tiny Humans.


Not sure if you’re seeing a theme here, but Rowe is a Canadian-made brand. We love their “zompers” and sweaters!

Alpine Baby Co.

Alpine Baby Co. is ethically-made, organic clothing, based out of Montana, USA. We love their nature prints! If you want a Canadian company that is similar, check out Olive Me Handmade.

Jax and Lennon Clothing Co.

Jax and Lennon is beautiful, great quality, Canadian-made, and all the other wonderful things!! You’re going to swoon over their designs…I always want them in my size.

A Few Others!!

A few other companies I want to mention:

  • In the picture below, you can see Collins’ two piece dinosaur pajamas – they are from Larkspur and Violet, which is Edmonton-based and all handmade!
  • My sister has found some great stuff for C at Main Street Market Okotoks, which supports over 150 Alberta businesses.
  • Lastly, we love our wash cloths and all the other goodies made by Baby Appeal Co., based in Calgary!

Enjoy dressing some littles!