Hawaii is one of my favourite places ever! I’m not asking to live there, but if I could visit on the yearly, I’d be perfectly okay with that. My parents blessed me with many Hawaii trips growing up and I’ve done many as an adult since. I’ve only explored Oahu and Maui so far, so let’s start with my favourite island to date – Maui!

My favourite locations on Maui, in order are: Wailea, Paia, Kehei, Lahaina. Kannapali & Kapalua tend to be very windy!


Get Dirty

  • The Hoapili Trail – a lava hike that will take you 90-minutes to 2 hours, depending how many pictures you stop to take! Wear good shoes and pack water!
  • Waihee Ridge Trail – give yourself about two hours and pack lots of water – a pretty steady incline up, but very do-able (moderate level) – safe and beautiful open views! If it’s been raining, it can be very muddy
  • Some hike suggestions from others: Haleakala Ridge Trail, 7 Sacred Pools, and the Pipiwai Trail
  • Road to Hana – rent a jeep for the day and do the road to Hana. Download the Shaka Maui app to guide you along…the best way to do the road to Hana. Leave as early as possible, so you have lots of hours before the sun goes down…you don’t want to be on the road after sunset. Give yourself at least 12 hours. Try and start much before 10am, if possible. Pack: rain coat, food, cash, camera, bathing suit, and towel

Get Wet

  • Go to Makena Landing for snorkelling – usually nice and clear, and you often will find turtles to swim with there
  • Book Yuri (@myguyinmaui) for a private snorkel experience with sea scooters or book one of his tours. I recommend paying for the underwater photography and video…it is SO worth it!!
  • Ho’okipa Beach in Paia – all the turtles come up to rest on the beach there…the closer to sunset you go, the more turtles you will find. It’s so cool! P.S. it’s illegal to touch a turtle…I’ve been warned…
  • Big Beach…whether to hang out for the day, or just to walk along the beach and see the waves. You could also go to Little Beach to tan the parts of your body that don’t normally see the light of day…
  • Book a paddle boarding lesson!!
  • Go whale watching with Blue Water Maui – if you have enough people to charter the boat, you can add in snorkelling and some easy lunch (I would say to give yourself about 3 hours)

Get Cleaned Up

  • Wailea Mall offers free ukulele lessons on Mondays and Fridays….you may be convinced to buy one after…
  • Get a coconut on the street…almost anywhere, but definitely en route to Makena from Wailea
  • Pineapple Winery – wine tasting and nice scenery!
  • Take in a Luau if you want – there is a great one by the Marriot in Wailea, and also a very authentic one in Lahaina

Now to the Food…


For at Your Place

  • Costco & Safeway: If you have access to a kitchen, it’s nice to stock up (at least for breakfast and snacks) at Costco or Safeway. There are nice, natural food stores, but those would be your less expensive options. Hawaiian Moons in Kehei is a good option for a natural food store


  • Eskimo Candy (Kehei) – do yourself a favour, and get tacos for lunch there!
  • Whale’s Tale Beach Bar (Wailea) – not the best tacos I’ve ever had, but it’s a quick lunch right on the beach (to stay or go), and there are outdoor games you can play right by there
  • Lahaina Fish Co. (Lahaina) – great view and decent tacos (and an all around menu)
  • Paia Fish Market (Kihei & Lahaina) – a local fish & chip and fish taco favourite
  • Coconut Fish Cafe (Kihei) – the most jumbo tacos!

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Chill Vibe

  • Cheeseburger in Paradise (Lahaina & Wailea) – get a spot right by the window (especially in Lahaina)!
  • Fabiani’s (Kihei) – good Italian food…mostly pizza
  • Monkeypod (Kihei) – highly, highly recommend this one! Fancy pub-style food with live entertainment and has a really fun vibe!
  • Pita Paradise (Kihei) – get their pesto gnocchi! Seriously
  • Choice Health Bar (Paia) – super healthy and delicious lunch or snack spot
  • Lappert’s Hawaii (Wailea) – I didn’t know which category to put the best ice cream ever under, but here it is!

Fine Dining

  • Tommy Bahama (Wailea) – more expensive, but delicious food!
  • Mama’s Fish House (Paia) – okay, this will be your most expensive meal for sure, butttt the view is amazing if you can get right by the open window (request this if you’re booking), you can see all the surfers and amazing waves in the area, and the menu changes everyday based on the fresh fish that was caught! It’s such a win. Recommend for a nice, long lunch (then you’ll get the best views)!
  • Andaz (Wailea) – go to the hotel for a way over-priced (but worth it) cocktail during sunset. Ka’Ana Kitchen is delicious (pricey), and Morimoto for sushi
  • Spago (Wailea) – a nice, fine dining experience (a Wolfgang Puck restaurant)
  • Roy’s (Kaanapali) – best restaurant in that area

I hope you get dirty, get wet, clean up, and enjoy all the food on the beautiful island of Maui!!