We are nearing the end of alphabet date night, and I’ve been wondering what I do when I’m finished…do I start over at A? Do I come up with a new date idea?! If you’re new to my alphabet date night posts, check back on A to D, E to H, I to L, and M to P.

A Reminder of How Alphabet Date Night Works:

  1. We schedule in date night.
  2. When it’s my turn to plan, I figure out which letter of the alphabet I’m on. Date 1 starts with A, Date 2 Starts with B, etc.
  3. I plan 1-3 activities that all start with that letter. It usually ends up being 2 activities – one that’s physical and one that’s food related.
  4. We go enjoy the date!!

“Q” Date Night

Q date…I thought Q would be a lot harder than it really was…maybe the fact that we were in mandatory Quarantine helped a teeny-tiny bit! We travelled from the States back to our home in Canada, so we were in Quarantine. “Quarantine Games” seemed like a little bit of a cheat, but I say we get a pass! We played Ring Toss, which makes you feel like you’re at a carnival no doubt. Then we ate Quesadillas, as we asked each other Questions from Gregory Stock’s The Book of Questions. Q date night was Quarantine Games & Quesadillas & Questions!

More Q Ideas:

Activities: Quizzes (Cosmo/Buzzfeed). Q-Tip Painting. Qwirkle Game. Quality Time. Quadruple Date. Quilting. King of Queens Marathon. Queen Music. Queen Movie. Queen Documentary. Quidditch Board Game (Harry Potter). Quiddler Game. Quartet. Quilt Cuddles. Queen Latifah Music. Quiet Time. Quiet Location (Library). 20 Question Game. Quickstep Dance. Quarters Game. Quiplash Game.
Food: Queso. Quiche. Quail Eggs. Quinoa. Quinoa Bowls. Quinoa Bites. Quinoa Salad. 
Beverages: Q Tonic.
Specific Location: Queens, NY. Queen Donair. Quebec.

“R” Date Night

R date night required a whole lot of prep, but it was so worth it for our taste buds. We had raclette – if you don’t know what raclette is, you’ll want to! It does require a special grill (which we borrowed from my family, as my family likes to make raclette for New Year’s Eve…it can be a whole night event). We have the Swissmar from Canadian Tire, if you’re wondering. I got all the groceries, and picked up the raclette cheese from the cheese store (is there a better store that exists in the entire world?). I chopped, I pre-steamed some of the harder veggies, and I got the dishes all set up. Then it was time for date night – we grilled, we experimented with different food combinations, and then we crushed a whole lot of cheese. Our date night ended off with a game of Rummy! R date night was Raclette & Rummy!

More R Ideas:

Activities: Rent the Musical. Road Trip. Run. Roast Marshmallows. Role Play. Random Ingredients for a Recipe. Renew Your Vows. Rummy. Rain Man the Movie. Ratatouille the Movie. Rollerblade. Roulette. Rock Climbing. Rest & Relax. Relaxing Massages. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Ring Toss. Records. Read. Racing. Romantic Comedy. Romance Novel. Restaurant. Row Boat. R-Rated Movie. Random Acts of Kindness.
Food: Risotto. Red Velvet Cake. Raclette. Ratatouille. Rice Noodles. Rolos. Rolo Cookies. Rocky Road Ice Cream. Ramen. Rice. Rockets. Rigatoni. Rotisserie Chicken. Roasted Potatoes. Roasted Veggies. Red Peppers. Ricotta. Ragout. Raisins. Raspberries. Rice Krispie Squares.
Beverages: Radlers. Rose. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. Rum.

“S” Date Night

I jumped ahead for this one, because how could I not? We were in the perfect location for not only two S’s, but four S’s in one single date! We were in Hawaii for our friends’ wedding and we headed out with MyGuyInMaui for the most magical experience with just the two of us, that involved snorkelling with sea scooters (so we could dive down deep and hang out with all the turtles). I was seriously in complete bliss and turtle heaven! S date day was Sand, Salt Water, Snorkelling & Sea Scooters!

More S Ideas:

Activities: Salsa Lesson. Salsa Dancing. Spa Day. Scooters. Sunrise/Sunset. Swimming. Scrabble. Stargaze. Swings. Scents. Scattergories. Scrapbook. Staycation. Skating. Sidewalk Chalk. Shark Movie. Snuggles. Sea. Sand Castles. Shore. Skip Stones. Songs. Ship. Shop. Share Stories. Scavenger Hunt. Slumber Party. Song Writing. Singing. Stroll. Snakes & Ladders. Sight Seeing. Stay-At-Home. Scenic Drive. Sailing. Symphony. Show. Spin Class. Ski. Sequence Game. Scuba Dive. Snowshoe. Saturday. Sunday. SkipBo. Squash Game.
Food: Salad. Seafood. Sundaes. Steak. Skittles. Sweets. Sandwiches. Scones. Scoops. S’mores. Spaghetti. Spaghetti Squash. Spaghetti Squash Pizza. Soup. Sushi. Stir-Fry. Samosas. Salmon. Sliders. Stuffed Mushrooms. Stuffed-Anything! Sugar Candies. Sushi Bowls. Strawberries. Square Food!
Beverages: Sangria. Smoothies. Slurpees. Scotch. Sweet Tea. Shakes. 
Specific Location: Skip the Dishes. Sorrentinos. State Park.

“T” Date Night

While I was on the jumping ahead train, we jumped ahead for T! Once again, the timing was just too perfect to pass up. We got the opportunity to actually be in town (New York) for the US Open and scrambled to get tickets with our friends for a double date. We succeeded! We saw Bianca Andreescu take home gold for Canada, and it was quite the sight to see!! So, T date night was Teammates (at least Jordan’s teammate) & Tennis!

More T Ideas:

Activities: Take a…Class/Hike. Trivia. Thrift Shopping. Trade Massages. Tea Party. Taste Test. Telestrations Game. Tree Walks. Tango. Tie-Dye. Tapping. Tik Tok. Twister. Treasure Hunt. Tee Time. Tetris. Test Drive. Tee-Ball. Trouble Board Game. Twilight Star Gazing. Ten Pin Bowling. Tango. Trampoline Park. Top Golf. Train. Tic Tac Toe.Tai Chi. Take Out. Tailgate. Two Step. Tub. Tales. Tent. Treasure Map. Taboo Game. Tandem Bikes. Theatre. Tetherball. Taekwondo. Tickets. Travel. Truth or Dare. Try Something New. Teach. Talk. Trails. Tiger King Documentary. Twinning. Time Warp. Togas. Telephone. Terrace. Tour/Tourist. Theme Park. Tavern.
Food: Thai. Tapas. Tacos. Turkey. Tamales. Teriyaki. Twizzlers. Taquitos. Treats. T-Bone Steak. Tuna. Tiramisu. Tortellini. Tikka Masala. Tater Tots. Tarts. Trifle. Tenderloin. Toast. Tiger Ice Cream. Tomatoes. Thai Chicken Bites. Tilapia. Teppanyaki. Tortillas.
Beverages: Tea. Tequila.
Specific Location: Tapas Canmore. Tango Bistro. Tay River Hike.

Happy Alphabet-ing!!